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Planning Your Career

Ansbury Guidance can help plan your career. This section will shed light on just what to expect from a job interview, what industries suit your skillset, why indecision is nothing to worry about and where your favourite subjects could take you.

Use this section to start planning your career.  Get advice and tips on finding the future you want. 

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After Year 11

What happens when you leave school? For some this is a daunting prospect but Ansbury Guidance can advise on next steps. Whether it is selecting A Levels, deciding on universities, researching apprenticeships or hunting for your very first Saturday job, we can look into the best options for you.

If you are interested in attending college open days/evenings for 2020/2021 download our guide here.

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After Sixth Form / College

When students leave sixth form or college they are faced with a great many choices. Ansbury Guidance can present the options open to you and provide information on university, apprenticeships, worklife or even a gap year.

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GCSE Options

Selecting which options to study at GCSE level is perhaps the first step towards shaping your career path. Ansbury Guidance can offer some much welcomed assistance before doing so.

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Apprenticeships / Job Hunting

What is an apprenticeship? How will I find one? Are there any vacancies I should be aware of? All of these questions and more are answered in this section.

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Aged 16–18 and not in education,
employment or training?

If you are 16 –18 years old and not in employment, education or training, we are here to help you. We might also be able to help some young people up to the age of 24. Contact us to find out more.




Volunteering can prove an invaluable experience, gifting you insight into a workplace and also enabling you to build connections for the future.

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Programmes such as the National Citizen Service, Princes Trust and Young Chamber can be character building. All are explained in this section.

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