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What's a careers interview?

Why do you need a careers interview?

Do you know what career you want?

  • Check what qualifications, skills and experience you will need
  • Do you know how to get there?  There are often different entry routes – make sure you know about them all
  • Get new ideas – do you know about all the related careers?
  • Is it really what you think it is? Find out what’s involved
  • Get more information

Do you know the kind of career you want?

  • Explore your career area – what jobs are available?
  • What qualifications could you do next?
  • What skills will you need?
  • What experience would be useful?
  • Get more information
Are you sure about your next step but can't see any further?
  • Link your favourite subjects to a career or course
  • Assess your skills and link them to a career
  • Where could your interests take you?
  • Get more information
No idea what to do?
  • Get ideas
  • Find out what would suit you
  • Look at all your options
  • Get more information

Worried about your grades?

  • Find out how to improve your skills
  • Discover what courses are open to you
  • Talk through your options
  • Get more information

What you can expect from a careers interview

Your Ansbury Guidance Careers Adviser will:

  • Listen to you
  • Give you informed and impartial advice
  • Help you identify your skills
  • Talk through all your options
  • Help you find possible career routes
  • Support you to achieve your goals
  • Help you find out more
  • Write you an action plan with details of your discussion and what you need to do to make you plan happen.