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Know what you want to do but not how to get there?

How to find out more about your career ideas

You might have a really clear idea about what you want to do, but make sure you know what it really involves.

First things first...

  • Have you got the right GCSEs?  Will you need to retake English, maths or science?
  • Have you chosen the right A levels?
  • Have you chosen the right vocational course?
  • What experience will you need?
  • Will you have to go to university?
  • Can you do an apprenticeship?

Things to think about...

  • As well as telling you what qualifications and courses you’ll need for the job you want, careers information will also tell you what
  1. Skills
  2. Aptitudes
  3. Interests

you need for a career.  Think about these carefully, do they sound like you?

  • If the career you’re considering needs a subject you don’t like – think very carefully, maybe it’s not the right job for you
  • Look at related careers, you may discover something you’ve never heard of but which would interest you  

Remember, lots of careers and university courses look for GCSE at C+ in English language, maths and science.  You will have to do retakes in maths and English if you do not get a C+.  If you really struggle with one of these, ask your school or college about doing Literacy and Numeracy qualifications.  These can give you the equivalent of a C at GCSE in English or maths but are more practical so you may find them easier.


Find out as much as you can, talk to people doing the job, try and do work experience or work shadowing and visit colleges and universities to find out more about relevant courses.

Use careers information:

The National Careers Service 



Careers Box

The Russell Group - Informed Choices