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How to get career ideas

What might suit you?

Think about...

  • Your skills
  • Your interests
  • Subjects you like
  • What’s important to you?

Your skills

What are you good at?

  • People skills?  Are you friendly, enjoy meeting new people and get on with lots of different people?
  • Practical skills?  Do you like using tools and equipment to fix and build things?
  • Artistic skills?  Do you enjoy drawing and designing and making things look good?
  • Team work?  Do you work well with other people and enjoy working in a group?
  • IT skills?  Can you use a range of packages and learn new IT skills easily?
  • Problem solving?  Do you enjoy finding creative ways of tackling tasks and difficulties?
  • Number skills?  Do you like using maths to solve problems or work out what materials you need for practical tasks?

Think about how your skills relate to different career areas.

Your interests

What are you interested in and what do you like doing?

  • Sport?
  • Art?
  • Music?
  • Hair and make-up?
  • Fashion?
  • Gardening?
  • Fixing things?
  • Computers?

Think about how your skills relate to different career areas.

Subjects you like

Think about which school subjects you enjoy and are good at and think about how they relate to careers.  Here are some examples:

Subject Career Areas
Maths engineering, finance
English publishing, journalism
Biology sport, medicine
History museums, lecturing
Technology building trades, engineering
Art hairdressing, interior design
Languages travel & tourism, international business
Philosophy & Ethics teaching, psychology

What’s important to you?

Think about what you’d like your career to include.  Here are some things you might love or hate:

  • Working with the public
  • Using your hands
  • Being artistic
  • Working with animals
  • Working outside
  • Working on your own
  • Using IT
  • Routine
  • Danger
  • Sport
  • Variety

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Get guidance

  • Have a careers interview in school to talk through your options.
  • Contact local companies and ask if you can spend a morning doing work shadowing (check their insurance will cover this).
  • Ask around, have you got any contacts with people doing the job of you’d like?  If so, talk to them about their work.