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How to Find an Apprenticeship 

You should start looking from around October of your last year at school.   

To find an Apprenticeship you need to: 

  • Click on Find an Apprenticeship.

Find an Apprenticeship

  • Apply to Training Providers who will first call you for an aptitude test, before interviewing and assisting you in your search to find an employer.

Find Local Providers    

  • Look for job adverts online, in the local press and upon the Careers Notice Board at school  
  • Larger companies will advertise early (from around October/November, often using their own websites.  Examples include Sunseeker, BT, British Gas, Cobham/Flight Refuelling, Dorset Council 
  • Produce a good CV and send it to companies you are interested in
  • Ask everyone you know to look out for opportunities for you 
  • Apply for a full time college course as a back-up option – you won’t be committed and can always turn it down later 
  • Acquire relevant work experience that will improve the look of your CV