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How to choose your options

Think carefully before you choose your GCSEs - there are lots of things to consider and research.

You’ll have to take English, maths and a science but your school may offer different courses in them –


English Language, English Literature, Communication Studies, Media Studies


Foundation or Higher Level maths


Single, Double, Triple or Vocational Science. 

Talk to your subject teachers about which would be right for you and your future.

Your schools may have other subjects which you have to take, these could include – ICT, RE, PE, Citizenship or a foreign language.

Your choices

It’s important to choose subjects you will enjoy and do well and you may be able to start a new subject.  Be sure you know exactly what’s involved before you choose, even if it’s a subject you’re already doing.

Things to find out:

  • Which subjects do I have to do?
  • What subjects are available?
  • When is the Options Evening?

Warning. If the career you hope to do asks for a subject you don’t like or struggle with …. Is it the right career for you?

What are your strengths? Which subjects link to your Strengths?
Words and English  
Acting or dancing  
Being creative  
Problem solving  
Researching things  
Using ICT  
Solving technical problems  
Organising things  
Planning things  
Practical work  
Using tools and equipment  
Caring for people  
Helping people with their problems  
Other (write in your own)  


What do you enjoy? Which subjects link with this?
Being active  
Working outdoors  
Using tools and equipment  
Using IT  
Building things  
Making things  
Working with people  
Cars and engines  
Fashion and beauty  
Planning and organising things  
Other (write in your own)  
Good reasons for choosing a subject:
  • You need it for your chosen career
  • It will help in your chosen career
  • You’ll enjoy it
  • You’re good at it
  • It works well with your other choices
  • It helps to keep your options open
  • It helps give you a broad range of subjects
  • You may want to studying it after GCSEs
  • You may need it for university
Bad reasons for choosing a subject:
  • Your friends are doing it
  • You like the teacher – that’s a great start but will they definitely teach you next year and what will the subject involve?
  • You think it will be easy
  • You think it’s suitable for a girl/boy
  • You don’t want to bother finding out about other possibilities 
Think you may need extra help?

If you’ve got a learning difficulty or disability or think you may need extra help with your subjects, talk to your Tutor/Head of House about what would be best for you.

Your school may offer individual courses which could include one day a week at college or on work experience or sessions working on your maths & English skills.

What if you change your mind?

If you change your mind about your choices talk to your Tutor/Head of House as soon as you can.  Once you’ve started your courses it’s probably too late but remember that you’ll be making more choices again after Year 11.

Next steps

  • Check your school’s Options Booklet/information to see what’s available.  Ask your Tutor/Head of House for a copy and look on the school website.
  • Get your choices in early to help make sure you’ll get the subjects you want.
  • Use the other pages on the Ansbury website.