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Year planner for Year 11 students

Autumn Term


  • Start thinking about your next steps:
    • Sixth Form?
    • College?
    • Apprenticeship?

Think about what career areas might suit you or what courses you’d like to take

  • Research your career ideas
  • Research Sixth Form and College Courses – use school and college websites and prospectuses
  • Apply for Shadowing or Taster Days at schools and colleges
  • Check dates of open events


  • Start applying to Sixth Forms and Colleges. Remember – it’s fine to apply to several places, you are not committed and it keeps your options open.  You will only have to make a final decision once the GCSE results are out in August.
  • If you want to get an apprenticeship, apply for a full time course anyway, as a backup. You can always turn it down later
  • Popular college courses fill up early, these include:
    • Plumbing and Electrical
    • Beauty Therapy
    • Hairdressing
    • Motor Vehicle
    • Construction
    • Child Care
  • Go to Sixth Form Information Evenings
  • Go to College Open Events
  • Attend Shadowing or Taster Days
  • Start thinking about a backup plan



  • Register for apprenticeships at www.getingofar.gov.uk
  • Start a CV
  • Continue applying for Sixth Forms and Colleges
  • Go to more Open Events
  • Finalise your backup plan!


Spring Term

  • Make any final sixth form/college applications
  • Colleges will have Open Events
  • Use www.getingofar.gov.uk to look for apprenticeship
  • Larger companies will advertise early, often on their own websites. Examples are Sunseeker, BT, British Gas, Cobham/Flight Refuelling, Dorset Council
  • Start sending your CV to employers you would like to work for
  • Apply to Training Providers and Colleges for apprenticeships
  • Keep a list of where you’ve applied


Summer Term

  • Sixth forms and colleges will still accept applications but courses may be full
  • There will be more Open Events
  • Keep looking for apprenticeships and job adverts
  • Ask family and friends about possible opportunities