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Why I decided to do an apprenticeship with Face Forward

By Leyla Yilmaz

28th September 2017

After finishing 2 years of college, I couldn’t imagine myself going back into education. University was something I had never imagined myself going into, so when my friends started to apply for universities, I realised I had no actual plan of what I was going to do next.

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At that point, I decided to make an appointment with an Ansbury Career’s Advisor and we spoke about different options best for me. We explored the apprenticeship route as I wanted to put my academic knowledge into practice. I felt that having a hands-on experience whilst learning would allow me to take the right steps to progress in my career.

It was made clear that I was very interested and had a passion for helping others.  I enjoyed working with people of all ages and my previous experiences reflected this. When I found out this apprenticeship, I was very keen to apply as it was perfect for me!

The job description matched my personality and lifestyle and was just what I wanted. Ansbury was also an organisation I have had an extremely positive experience with, so being part of their brand would be honourable. I applied for the role and cutting a long story short I received the life-changing phone call saying I got the job. Wooo 😊

A few months later, I am an advice and guidance apprentice, working on the Face Forward project, and life could not be better. I’m working among a lovely team, gaining a qualification and practical experiences, and getting paid to do so. 😊 In a short time, I have done so much with Face Forward, including event orgainsing, peer to peer mentoring with young people, and lots of useful training that will boost my CV for the future.

I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone.

Face Forward is funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery, through the National Lottery Community Fund.