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What to do this Summer...

26th Jun 2019

Last Friday was the first day of Summer and you are probably looking forward to getting your end of year exams out the way, so that you can be free for the Summer. “What should I do this summer?” is a question you might be asking. Do not fret, this month’s blog is filled with some ideas that will keep you busy.


Why should you consider getting a part-time job?
A part-time job is a great way to earn money, build your confidence, social skills, and get some experience in a work-based environment. If you do not already have a part-time job, why not take your CV down to a local café, restaurant or shop? You could also start a paper round, dog walking, car washing or look at babysitting locally.


Getting work experience or an internship
Regardless of the future career you are interested in, there are plenty of local work experience opportunities which can help you stand out to local employers and universities. Have a look at the opportunities ran by the NHS, Dorset Police, Dorset Echo and Wessex FM, just to name a few. Internships are just as beneficial as work experience. They can increase your skills and knowledge as well as open your eyes to other careers you may not have considered. You can find these advertised.


Shadowing opportunities
Shadowing is when you spend time observing an expert in their work environment. This can give you an insight into the profession of your choice. Reach out to local employers or ask your parents, family and friends to see if you could spend a day watching them at work. Additionally, sending your CV along with a cover letter explaining how shadowing could benefit you can help employers to see your interest and commitment.


Volunteering opportunities
Volunteering is a perfect way to help others while getting some work experience. You can look for volunteering opportunities at your local charity shops, leisure centres and youth clubs. Take a look at the Do It website, where you can create your own volunteering profile and look for local opportunities. You can even volunteer at festivals with various charities. Volunteering is a brilliant way to enjoy yourself while helping a great cause. There are also opportunities to volunteer abroad with organisations such as Projects Abroad.


Joining summer workshops and schools
If you are into art and design or are a budding performer, there are several groups you can join and events you can take part in. Why not join a local dance and drama group, a choir, or take singing lessons? There are also workshops available to take part in such as Stagecoach, and creative arts summer schools and courses run by Bournemouth University. These are all great ways to broaden your skills and knowledge as well as build on your confidence and experience.

Most importantly relax and reward yourself for all your months of hard work. Make the most of your well-deserved break and enjoy yourself.