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Results Day

12th Aug 2019

August has hit and the countdown has already begun for many of you… Results Day. You might be feeling a mix of fear and excitement, but regardless of the outcome you must always remember that your grades do not define you. Here are a few tips to note before opening the envelope…

Take pride in your achievements
Whether you are awaiting a place at college, sixth form, or university, remember the hard work and determination it has taken you to get where you are. Exams are not easy, so be proud of yourself no matter the outcome. There is more success in life to come – this is only the beginning.

Your wellbeing is important There is always a huge amount of pressure to do well when it comes to exams, whether that stems from your family, friends, teachers or even yourself. However, you can only ever do your best. If you have tried your hardest then nobody can ask for more. Try to put yourself first in this situation and make sure to talk to someone if you are feeling stressed.

There is more than one path to success
Grades do not necessarily define success. Whether you pass every subject or not, you can still work towards your dream career. Alternative courses are available at colleges and universities, as well as opportunities to do an apprenticeship or traineeship.

There are also chances to re-take your exams, have them remarked or study new subjects you might not have considered. If you do not have the grades, it does not mean you do not have the skills and abilities to go onto further or higher education, or straight into work.

Take the time to reflect
Once you have got your results, do not rush into any decisions. You might have done better than expected, and therefore have a few more doors open to you. Or, you might not have achieved what you wanted and are unsure about your next steps. Make sure you thoroughly think about your options, and if you are uncertain then talk to your family and friends, or teachers and careers advisers. Take advantage of those who are here to help you.

Keep calm
In the run up to Results Day, do things you enjoy and treat yourself. Get plenty of rest, eat well, and spend time with your friends and family. Getting your results can be an overwhelming experience. On the day, expect the room to be filled with a range of emotions. Open your results where you feel the most comfortable – do not feel peer pressured to open them around your friends.

Lastly, good luck! Whether or not your results were what you were expecting, this is the beginning of a new chapter. Be sure to enjoy the rest of your summer – relax, celebrate and be proud.