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New Year, New Me

28th Nov 2019

New Year resolutions do not always last, but if yours is to find a new job then this blog is for you. We are going to give you some top tips on how to keep yourself accountable while job hunting in the lead up to the New Year.

Direction means decisions

Deciding which direction to go in can sometimes be difficult, especially when you are looking for a complete career change. Have you tried looking at your strengths and weaknesses and then comparing them to jobs that match what you are good at? A great way to do this is to take a personality test.

We recommend the 16 Personality Test. It is a short test with multiple choice questions that will give you an insight into your characteristics. It will also give you career path suggestions based on your test results.

Goal setting

Goal setting is a great way to break down the application process. An example of a goal could be to fill in three application forms a week or to spend an hour researching the industry. This makes the process of job hunting more achievable.

Career progression

Maybe a complete career change is not for you, but a promotion is due. The New Year is a reasonable time to have that conversation with your manager. Did you exceed on a project you worked on in the past year or are you looking to take on new responsibilities that you could be compensated for? Companies will often be more open to implementing change in the New Year, so seize the opportunity to progress within your career.


The job hunting process is not easy. Our top tip would be to look for friends, mentors, family and professionals who can support you through the journey. Ansbury Guidance provide Independent Careers Advice and Guidance for Adults, so if you’d like support looking, preparing and researching for jobs then do not hesitate to contact us. We have a team of professionals waiting to help you.