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I need a career change but I do not know what to do

24th Apr 2019

It is never too late to change your career…

Maybe you have found yourself demotivated in your current job role, looking for a new challenge or you no longer feel fulfilled? What ever it might be that is causing you to want to take steps towards a career change, we want you to know it is never too late.

Often, we discount ourselves from new career opportunities because of age, experience or qualifications. We can all relate to the feeling of inertia at the prospect of applying for jobs, attending interviews and having to sell ourselves. On the other hand, another 20 years in the same job is almost depressing.

Taking the first steps towards a career change can become daunting when you do not know what you want to do next. Here are some tips that can help guide you…

  • Do not discount yourself

Whether you are in your 30’s or 60’s, whether you went to University or not or whether you have experience in that industry or not. We can sometimes label ourselves which prevents us from taking opportunities or job roles that we feel are beyond our abilities. Try not to discount yourself and look at every opportunity with an open mind.   

  • Make a list of why you want to change career

Understanding why you are looking for a new career can help you decide which direction to take. Are you seeking more flexibility, more time, more money or a different location? Once you know why you are looking for a career change, it will help to narrow down your options.

  • Consider your options

When considering your options, do not limit yourself. Ask yourself ‘what your dream job would be?’ and try to think about what steps you can take towards fulfilling the job you can see yourself doing.

  • Get help and seek advice

Find the advice and guidance you need to help you take these steps. There are various websites, training courses, apprenticeships, charities and resources to help you transition into your new career or job role. You can contact Ansbury Guidance for a free advice and guidance appointment. There is no eligibility, anyone 19+ can book an appointment with one of our qualified career advisers. Learn more: https://www.ansbury.co.uk/Adults.html

  • Do not give up

Be prepared for set backs by building up your determination and confidence. Think about what it is that you want to achieve, it might be helping others, bigger salary or personal development? Having a focus on what you want to achieve will encourage you to work harder.