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Equality & Diversity Statement

Equality of Opportunity Statement

Ansbury Guidance values all people, regardless of their gender (or gender reassignment), age, disabilities (including medical conditions), race, ethnic origin, pregnancy or maternity status, language, religious beliefs, political beliefs, trade union membership or non-membership, marital status or sexual orientation.

We are therefore committed to promoting equality at every opportunity both as a provider of services and as an employer.

This statement and our Equality Policy is designed to ensure our services are equally accessible and relevant to all clients and that our recruitment and employment practices and procedures actively promote equality of opportunity.

Equal Opportunities in Employment Policy

In addition to the above value statement, we acknowledge that the efficiency of Ansbury Guidance will be improved as we seek to develop the skills and abilities of all employees. We recognise and accept our responsibility as an employer to promote equal opportunities.

Our policy and its provisions cover all staff working within Ansbury Guidance. The overriding principle on which our policy is based is that jobs should be filled by those best able to do them. Therefore, we will take every reasonable step to ensure that our staff and potential staff, are all treated fairly and that all employment decisions including those on recruitment, selection, promotion, training and career development are based on job related, objective criteria.

Whilst managers are key in making this policy effective, there are also responsibilities placed upon employees. These will be discussed with you as part of your induction, if you are successful in your application for employment.

If you require further information about our Equality and Diversity Statement you can contact Human Resources on 01202 677557 or .