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Ansbury Guidance has over twenty five years experience of providing high quality careers guidance. Our Advisers work in local schools equipping young people with the skills and information vital for making appropriate choices and a successful transition onto a career path which is both right for them and meets the needs of the local labour market.

Do you need help recruiting young people? Would you like to raise your profile in the local labour market?

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Employer Feedback:

Lynne Mason, Apprenticeship Manager, RNLI: “We benefit from the insights you have into young people and their career expectations. This helps us to shape our apprenticeship schemes into an attractive proposition so that we can recruit, develop and retain our workforce of the future.”

Jim Cregan, Founder, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee: “We had a great time working with the students to bring them a taste of what real life work is about. I wish we had this when we were at school!”