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Ansbury Guidance Publications

Essential Guide to Job Hunting - £2.50 (+£1 p+p)

The Essential Guide to Job Hunting is full of expert advice on looking for work and applying for jobs and apprenticeships. The guide is particularly useful for students who are preparing for the world of work. It also supports students seeking part-time jobs, volunteering opportunities and work experience.

A good CV or application form will get you an interview. Being well prepared for an interview will give you the best chance of success. Make sure yours is the application that stands out from the crowd!

The book includes all the latest up-to-date information and advice on:

• Getting Started
• Key Skills
• Skills Search
• Personal Qualities
• CVs
• CV Template
• Letters of Application
• Application Forms
• Interviews
• Interview Questions
• Training and Volunteering
• Contacts


All our guides are written by professionally qualified Careers Advisers at Ansbury Guidance.

 Contact us to make a purchase. We will gladly provide a custom quote for large orders.