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The 9 'P' Skills That Employers Love

29th Apr 2021

What do employers look for in a potential candidate? It’s the question that nearly every job seeker asks at some point. We've gathered together the 9 top skills employers look for in a candidate no matter what the open position is.


Unhappy In Education? 6 Tips To Help You Make The Right Decision For Yourself

8th Apr 2021

Unhappy with your subjects or course? Considering dropping out of education? Here's 6 tips to help you make the right decision for yourself.


Creating a Winning Job Search Strategy

17th Mar 2021

Effective job strategies can make all the difference in helping you to find the best opportunities in an increasingly competitive job market. Here are some of our top job search strategies to help you create your own job-hunting masterplan.


Finding Motivation in Your Job Search

3rd Mar 2021

Job searches are filled with obstacles and challenges that can drain even the most resilient person’s motivation, so we have put together 8 tips to help you climb out of your motivational slump and stay focused during your job search.


How To Make The Best Decision For You

17th Feb 2021

Decisions, decisions! Every day, whether we like it or not, we have to make choices for our future. If you are finding it tricky making decisions when it comes to your options and career choices, then take a read of our 6 tips to help you make the best decision for you.


The Real Value Of Work Experience

2nd Feb 2021

Work experience is more important than ever before. Whether you are looking for a way to sample a career idea as a student, someone looking to change career, or simply to discover what it is really like to work in a specific industry; find out how work experience could offer all this, and more.


10 Ways To Stay Mentally Healthy Throughout Winter

4th Dec 2020

10 tips to help manage your mental wellbeing and make the upcoming winter time more positive for you.


5 Strategies to Start a Careers Conversation With Your Child

28th Oct 2020

So how do you approach talking about careers with your child? In this blog we'll be sharing top tips to help you and your child take a fresh approach to having conversations about their future.


8 Top Tips for Graduate Job Hunting During the Coronavirus Outbreak

6th Aug 2020

Graduates, let us bring the hope back into your job search with our tips to succeed as a recent graduate in our current economy.


Face Forward - End of Programme Evaluation Report  

30th Jul 2020