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2020 Vision: The Fastest Growing Jobs in the UK

9th Mar 2020

The world changes over time, and so do industries and jobs. If you’d told someone a few decades ago there would be such a job as a ‘social media manager’ or an ‘artificial intelligence specialist’, they probably would have looked at you like you’d dropped in from another planet. But today, few people would be taken aback at the mention of these roles.

The jobs emerging in the global economy today span a wide range of professions and skills. The World Economic Forum recently conducted research into the ‘Jobs of Tomorrow’ and LinkedIn also completed a ‘2020 Emerging Jobs Report’, where they identified the fastest growing jobs in the UK along with other workforce trends, such as the rise of several smaller cities with emerging job markets and the increasing demand for flexible work options.

Whether you’re looking for a career change, are soon to be graduating or want to get ahead in the rapidly changing world of work, these insights show you how jobs, careers, and skills are changing so you can explore the right next step for you.

Below is the list of the top 15 emerging career roles, as identified by the reports:

1.     Artificial Intelligence Specialist/Machine Learning Engineer

2.     Data Protection Officer

3.     Robotics Engineer

4.     Site Reliability Engineer

5.     Customer Success Specialist

6.     User Researcher (UX)

7.     Data Scientist

8.     Sales Development Representative

9.     Cloud Engineer

10.  Cyber Security Specialist

11.  Platform Engineer

12.  Full Stack Engineer

13.  Account Executive

14.  DevOps Engineer

15.  Content Creator/Copywriting/Graphic Design

LinkedIn’s principal Economist, Guy Berger, wrote: “By sharing insights about the types of roles being impacted most by rapid change, we want to make sure professionals and companies are able to prepare for the new world of work.”

Regardless of where you currently are in your career journey, how about upskilling or tailoring some of the qualifications and skills you have already picked up, to position yourself well if you wish to transition into one of the top emerging career roles in the UK? Or if you are yet to finish school and decide on a higher education programme, it may be worth broadening your career horizon and researching the emerging career roles that you think could suit you well.

If you need any support in navigating a career change or perhaps some guidance in your career research and building knowledge of upcoming local opportunities, why not give us a call on 01202 677557 to book in for a free 1:1 careers guidance appointment with a professional? Alternatively, you can fill out our online booking form for more information on: www.ansbury.co.uk/Adults.html